Orange premium wraparound viewing glasss

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Product Overview

With their wraparound-style, these high-end Noir-Laser ORANGE goggles provide most excellent observed contrast, blocking all blue ALS wavelengths at 450-470nm. Work well over prescription glasses. Includes SOFT pouch. Type U60.

      Recommended for use with XeLED-Cr1BL-455 etc. flashlight. Made in USA.

      Yes, these are the ones you want to use with Bed Bug CSI kit lights (455nm).

      Yes, these are the glasses you want to use to block blue light after sunset for those with sleep issues, advancing the circadian rhythm . (589 nm flashlights are available to custome order.)

Note! Yes, these are the high-end fluorescence-enhancing goggles seen elsewhere and in popular TV shows.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review